Are the stories you’re telling yourself holding you back?

From childhood we’re feed with stories about the world and ourselves.

Some stories empower us, some stories hold us back. None of them are true.

The stories are only conscious models of reality to help us make sense of everything and put our own lives into a context.

If you change your stories about yourself you can change your life.

And there’s no time to waste. This life is not a rehearsal.

What self-limiting beliefs are holding you back?

  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “I don’t deserve this”
  • “Life is hard”
  • “Money is difficult”
  • “Nobody cares what I say”
  • “I can’t sell”

I asked myself: “What’s the optimal speed to hit one of those trees?”

For most of 2006 this question absorbed my mind from waking up and driving to the office. 

“What’s the optimal speed to hit one of those trees, so I don’t kill myself but hurt myself enough to get three months in the hospital?”

It’s an understatement to say that I needed a break from running a $100 million dollar sales organization in one of the coolest IT-companies in the world at the time. I was 32 years old, had 65 people reporting to me, earned great money and I felt like shit.

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You gotta do the inner work before you
can do work that really matters.

After deciding to not hit one of those trees and handing in my resignation I set off on an inner journey to answer my big question at the time: “Isn’t there more to life than this?”

To cut a long story short I believe that living life on your own terms must be based on an awareness of all the stories your telling yourself about yourself and the world. Consciously and unconsciously.

Then we work together through three modules: Purpose, Attitude and Habit to discard the stories that hold you back and to amplify the real you. To support you through this transition we work on co-creating an empowered state of mind, and routine so you can go out there and own the day. Every day.

Module 1:

Module 2:

Module 3: